19 April 2008

and another year goes by

Here's an abbreviated list of creative doings since the last time I posted:

I designed a beer label for Aaron's home-brew, and painted a magnetic sign for him to stick on the front of his kegerator (both of which were given him at his bachelor party).

I designed the panel for the SFMOMA's bi-monthly mailer for Sep/Oct 2007 (I think...). The taped on strip of tracing paper over "Modern Art" is where the address is to be pasted.

I designed wedding invitations (oh yeah -- I got married). We had a vaguely Bollywood theme, so I intended the invitation to look like a movie poster, or rather, a series of movie posters rolling off the printer. The picture above is of both front and back of the 4x6 postcard we mailed out. I guess the whole wedding thing was a bit on the creative side. Deb handled most of it. I just got myself absorbed in the invitation design, and in compiling 5 1/2 hours of music to dance to at the reception (of which barely an hour ended up getting played). But we worked together on a Bollywood dance routine for the introduction at the start of the party:

What else...what else... We honeymooned in India and took a bunch of pictures.

Yeah, and that's about it... well, I mean, phew... I don't want to go into it all now. What was that last post called? Flushing May's pipes, or something? Yeah, well: times twelve... Hopefully, the details will come out naturally, as I fill in the blanks in whatever narrative I swear -- I swear! -- I'm going to start constructing here.

Write it, publish, move on.