27 June 2007

Flushing May's pipes

I don't think all of what's clogging these pipes'll be drained tonight, but I figger I'll at least get the robot head project accounted for, somewhat. I've spent a long time tonight sorting and tweaking photos, so I'll get 'em up here, even if I don't find the energy to report the details.

That's how the heads turned out, up top. The photo of me, top right, and Eddy Demon, bottom left, were taken by Scott Beale/Laughing Squid. All the other photos in this post are by Deb. There're only a couple of James, bottom right, in his robot head, because at both gigs he took it off before the first song was through. Here's the other photo:
He had trouble seeing out of it. This is actually the second iteration of his. I made a new one after the 12 Galaxies gig, with a bigger mouth hole to look out from, and better ventilation up top. But the adjustments weren't enough to suit him on either count. Of course, he was the only one of us who didn't have a hand in the construction or decoration of our robot heads: he was much more into wearing his cowboy hat and real live genuine rodeo shirt! But I don't wanna be snippy -- it looked alright. And we all had fun. Next post, I'll cover the SFMOMA newsletter calendar page project, and the Malenbrau label, just to make it seem like I've been doing something.

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